laugh at themYou carry a lot on your shoulders.  But we all, at times, need support and encouragement to reach our dreams at the end of that rainbow.

I also know it’s so hard to ask for help.  Why is that? Why do we avoid that  “someone” whose sees our strengths and believes in us?  I know you’re doing the very best you can right now but, you may be wondering… “what would happen if I made those life changes?”  What would happen if I got that ME confidence and swagger back?

That’s why I am here and I’m guessing, that’s why YOU’RE here right now too.  Plain and simple.  You see, my SAILS of STRENGTH™ program is built for teens, for adults and for families.  ADHD CoachConnect works one on one with those struggling with ADD; ADHD; Executive Function, Autism, and more.  We are goal oriented and build our ACTION STEPS together!

There is no “cookie cutter” solution but we work together to tailor its framework to meet YOUR needs and to cheer you on along the way!  I am in this with you all the way to make a difference and encourage and support you as much or as little as you wish.

Ready to get started?  

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If you wish to introduce your TEEN this summer, when school work isn’t piling up and the stresses of school are lessened, my SUMMER SAILS PROGRAM IS PERFECT!  Focus is on strengthening those all important Executive Functions; those daily processes we all need (organizing, scheduling, time management, flexibility, and so on) but don’t mature until late 20’s and into 30’s.  YIKES!  Now we can better understand WHY our children struggle but more importantly HOW to change that.

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The Success of this program is in its basic framework of BUILDING YOUR CHILD’S EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONS.  Your TEEN, (ages 12-26) has the opportunity to experience Coaching with FOUR ONE ON ONE meetings scheduled at YOUR convenience.  Meetings can be face to face or anywhere in the country via SKYPE or ZOOM.

Gaining an understanding of what Coaching can do, together our efforts can yield results listed, but not limited,to the following:

*Better understanding of their unique brain wiring and the strengths that go with it

*Study skills that make sense to your child’s brain

*Learning styles and strengths and how to effectively use them

*Anxiety techniques in my “CLUTTER TO CALM” METHOD

*What organization makes sense to them and how to use it in improving grades



Tailored to your child’s needs, my Summer SAILS program has continued into its 3rd year helping teens take the first steps to learn, embrace and empower them to embrace their uniqueness and be the Boss of their Brain. 

How wonderful would it be to see your child:

**Begin to Self-Advocate

**Build strategies and know when to use them

**Implement focus tools

**Build executive functions and self start homework

**Improve grades on those long term assignments and not START them the night before

 See What Others Are Saying!

believe in yourself

“There are so many things that I appreciate about your work with us. You ask my son questions, get his opinions, and speak to him directly, which gives him insight into himself and makes him think about what works and doesn’t work for him. You act as a mediator between us, helping me in my role as a parent and him as a maturing teen. You give us concrete ideas in steps, so that he can have success and be encouraged while he’s working toward a bigger goal, and decreases his frustration. You give me hope that we can not just survive school, but actually thrive–that may be the biggest help to me, giving me hope for my son.  JH parent 2016