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ADHD or Weak Executive Functions Standing in Your Way?

Oh, I know you’re double-alaskan-rainbowstrong! I know you carry a lot on your shoulders.  But we all, at times, need support and encouragement to reach our dreams at the end of that rainbow.

It’s so hard to ask for help.  Why is that? Why do we avoid that  “someone” whose sees our strengths and believes in us?  I know you’re doing the very best you can right now but, you may be wondering… “what would happen if I made those life changes?”  What would happen if I got that ME confidence and swagger back?

That’s why I am here and I’m guessing, that’s why YOU’RE here right now too.  Plain and simple.  You see, my SAILS of STRENGTH™ program is built for teens, for adults and for families.  There is no “cookie cutter” solution but we work together to tailor its framework to meet YOUR needs and to cheer you on along the way!

I am in this with you all the way to make a difference and encourage and support you as much or as little as you wish.  

WHY ADHD CoachConnect?

*National presence through technology

*Referred by psychologists, therapists and pediatricians across Central Ohio.

*Tailored process (not cookie cutter) to meet YOUR needs

*Certified Training as both an Educator and ADHD Coach

*Over 600 hours coaching teens and adults and families

Let’s begin with an easy and gentle…first step: Click here to CHAT WITH JUDY

EFD AND ADHD: What Exactly IS the Difference?


believe in yourself

“There are so many things that I appreciate about your work with us. You ask my son questions, get his opinions, and speak to him directly, which gives him insight into himself and makes him think about what works and doesn’t work for him. You act as a mediator between us, helping me in my role as a parent and him as a maturing teen. You give us concrete ideas in steps, so that he can have success and be encouraged while he’s working toward a bigger goal, and decreases his frustration. You give me hope that we can not just survive school, but actually thrive–that may be the biggest help to me, giving me hope for my son.  JH parent 2016