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SAILS of STRENGTH Coaching Process

conference IIIThanks for your interest and coming along with me in explaining more about ADHD/Executive Function or as I like to call it, “getting unstuck” coaching!

As a former educator, I am experienced with what goes on “behind the scenes” in the classroom and in education.  I know what makes this unique ADHD brain devour the learning process and what doesn’t.  But…being a teacher, did not make me an ADHD Coach.  Oh, I thought it would be an easy transition; NOT SO! I found that in teaching, we often know the solution and guide students to that finite solution.  Coaching, on the other hand, is guided by me but the work and discovery and enlightenment is all in the hands of the individual.  They have to be willing to try new things and pick themselves up after stumbling, knowing they are getting closer to what works. I don’t often know the solution, nor do I lead an individual to any specific one.  That is why my specific training and over 500 hours of working with teens and adults and helped me develop this process. But the result empowers self-confidence, understanding and ultimately belief in whatever they do!  

You see, coaching is a process; a process of uncovering obstacles and roadblocks and really finding out what’s getting in the way.  It’s inspiring, as a coach but MORE as a parent, to see your child figure this out and have that “aha!” moment come alive!  

But that is only the beginning!  ADD/ADHD expresses itself differently in every individual and of course, there are other factors like environment, school support, family support, etc. and most importantly, what level of energy the individual is willing to put into change.  

There is no magic pill and it doesn’t go away but I have experience working with some amazing individuals who have learned not to fight it or be defeated by their unique brain wiring but to embrace it and soar!  So, amazing, I am writing my first book about them and the hope they bring to others.  Oh, and the sailboat you see as my logo?  Sketched by one of my brilliant and creative teen clients.  Good stuff eh?

With that being said, I have a video describing the process for you below.  But,here is a general summary of the process and life changes that are often developed, not just to overcome these obstacles, but for self-confidence to move forward. Please note: that these are generalizations and ALL PROGRAMS ARE TAILORED TO EACH INDIVIDUAL! In working with hundreds of clients, my  SAILS of STRENGTH   coaching process has shown to be successful and effective in helping teens and adults make vital transformations to lift their spirits and most importantly their height of success! 

self-esteemSAILS of STRENGTH™:  The Nuts and Bolts of My Process, in partnership with the individual and family. There is no order or guarantee of what is needed, thus making it an individualized program


  • Review of recent assessments, records and implementation of my own assessments
  • Overview of individual’s/family’s knowledge of ADD/ADHD
  • Education of your brain, how it works
  • Where are you now and if you could change ONE thing for tomorrow, what would it be?
  • Breakdown of executive functions;  what are they?  why DO or don’t they work?
  • Implementation of initial plan and Gamechanger Contract with coach/parents
  • Mountain miracles and development of the Rainbow list (in other words, remembering when the individual was awesome)
  • Corralling the family, as needed for support and discussion
  • Working with the parents on Plan, Practice and Protocol
  • Consistent development of changes and breakdown of obstacles that are in the way
  • Accountability
  • Relief of that nagging;  yep, nagging from the parent side
  • Begin ownership of skills of independence (also reduces that nagging!)
  • Communication with teachers and/or outside support personnel
  • 24 hour email/text support for the length of the program.  (ok..maybe not at 2:00 a.m.)
  • and more….

Study skills, organization, meeting deadlines, task completion, working memory, documentation, focus, planning, and brain activation are all Executive Functions or mental processes we need and use every day, but with a unique brain wiring, some of these even all of these may be a struggle. These are usually the areas we see as a struggle and students who can’t find a way to work through them may have trouble getting through the day without frustration, and may find they are ridiculed by others for not completing simple tasks.  From the social aspect, making/ keeping relationships is a never ending battle and even holding down a job can be impossible. By developing strategies to rebuild skills and having a coach to guide you, encourage you and uncover all those wonderful strengths, you will have a toolbox full to implement positive and effective life changes.

 Walk with me and see what happens at each essential step in the process!



Coaching Process

My SAILS of STRENGTH™ process is a recipe of personal feedback from parents/adults like yourselves blended with passion to provide the most effective and efficient pathway to significant results.

It is a delicate and well thought out mixture of training, tools, and strategies integrated with years of experience and a clear cut vision of your expectations.

Let’s take a closer look at how it works!

  • Sharing Information:

    This is our Complimentary conversation, ( ) just you and me, sharing struggles and roadblocks for you or your child and forming a vision for the future.  It is here where you paint a picture of now and we visualize where you truly want and can be!

  • Altogether we DISCOVER AND Analyze

    Let’s sit down for our Discovery/Analysis Meeting to uncover specific challenges and how they impact school, life, and family.  I will provide you with some thought provoking questions ahead of time to guide us through this segment.  We then lay out immediate goals and a time frame to achieve these.  There is a $175 investment for the Discovery and Analysis part of the process but it’s an investment in hope and transformation. Let’s make sure coaching is right for everyone!  You may also need my assistance in Advocacy Assistance where I help with IEP/504 development, communication with the school and support at school meetings.  All this is part of my program.

  • Implementation of a Plan

    If you determine you are ready to move forward, we implement a more detailed map based from our Analyzation meeting with appropriate coaching program, dates, and times. (See below for programs).  I introduce My Gamechanger, a road map I developed for each client to visualize their goal and plot out the Action Steps to achieve their goal.  We implement accountability and encouragement as we transition to our LAUNCH to Success.

  • LAUNCH to Success

    As strategies are developed, new skills are learned and self-confidence rises!  The bridges are built, put in place as needed and results are evaluated as we travel down the road to life changing processes!

“We Can’t Direct the Wind but, we Can Adjust the Sails”


judyFor more information, please contact me at, ph. 614-804-6706   or complete the complimentary consultation request.