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* Awareness * Self-Regulation (AGES 12 to 26)

“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it’s called a present.” Alice Morse Earle

My coaching is tailored around the needs of each individual. SAILS of STRENGTHTM is a strength-based program enhancing what one does well, not constant reminders of daily struggles. My 4 week summer program is perfect for struggling learners, those that need strategies to focus and study to succeed. encouragement beside you all the way! My process incorporates the whole family but more importantly, helps the individual harness strengths, build effective study skills and confidence for life success.


  • Uncover specific challenges, learn Executive Functions  and how they impact you, work, school, life, and family.
  • Brain bright! What’s going on inside?
  • Implementation of Barkley’s Executive Function/Strength Assessment.

WEEK #2: YOUR STORY and Limited Beliefs

  • What’s the story being told internally?
  • Rebuild this story enhancing strengths and accomplishments
  • Learning Style Assessment and Magical Moments on the Mountain

WEEK #3: Magical Moments and My Gamechanger

  • A deep look at the 3 moments when you were “on top of the world!”
  • What is it you really, really want?
  • Let’s map it!

WEEK #4: Gamechanger and Filling the Tool Box

  • Work through the roadblocks
  • Mindfulness
  • What is getting in the way
  • RE-build self-confidence

Seats are limited and scheduling runs June/July/August $299 for entire program 10% (nonrefundable after May 15th) needed to hold your seat; Balance is due by June 1, 2017

The program is a private coaching program delivered nationwide one on one, in person, via Skype or Zoom. Learning styles and other assessments are administered then privately and confidentially analyzed.For more information, please contact me at 614-804-6706

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