ADHD Coach Connect

Thankfully, you found us!
This is what we do and we can help!

ADHD CoachConnect is with you through this.  We truly are all in this together but not all of us need the same support.

We are here for you in many ways but if there is something different you are looking for, we may be able to help or definitely have resources to support you.


Here are the ways we can help you NOW:

#1 30 minute FREE Chat




Allowing YOU time and letting US set up tutoring for content, process and more is what we do.  You need to allow yourself that “parent peace” to stay healthy physically, mentally and emotionally.  Let us do the work for a minimal investment.

Give yourself a few hours a week break to give you some peace AND build skills for your children.  Joy explains the importance of these skills with younger children through this video. 

Then click the link below to get your 50% off and utilize this time of crisis as opportunity!

(valid through April 15th)
Click this link for MORE information and to register! 

#3 Up and Running with VIRTUAL meetings!
  1. Children, tweens and teens are out for almost a month (or more) and have flexible time
  2. Children who may be struggling academically or with Executive Functions now have MORE time to learn, practice and build on their skills
  3. Structure is key for many parents, who are now trying to figure it all out and we can help!
  4. An hour or two throughout the week can free up parents to get done what’s needed (or just take a break!)
  5. Let US help you get through the day while building the skills your child needs!
  6. You finish the rest……so many others!



ADHD CoachConnect has been “in it” for over 7 years…why? 
  • ADHD CoachConnect: We work with children of ALL AGES AND ADULTS focusing on the skills or services that uniquely benefit that customer.
  • Superior Customer Service to create the best experience for you. From our initial Complementary Consult through our final meeting, you are treated personally:
    o One on one relationship with Coach Judy or Joy
    o ZOOM TECHNOLOGY, PHONE OR IN OFFICE and Tutoring in the comfort of your own home! 
    o We answer calls, many times on off hours
    o Leave a message and it is returned with 24 hours…most often within 12.
    o You won’t be handed off to another coach/consultant; we work together from Day 1
    o We work to solve problems with results at your convenience
  • Tailored to YOUR problems – We focus on the problems you have and work the best on solving them specifically.
  • Innovative – Continuously trying to improve our processes to deliver better results to you. Check out what our clients say on Google!
  • Experts who has been around the block – Our business is built on reputation, professionalism and results. We have expert backgrounds, Certifications and  have blogged, written articles, made videos, authored books, provided training and information and built our reputations as an expert in our fields.
  • Easy to work with us – Our  business model makes it convenient and easy to work with. You may text/call/email us directly at any time before or after coaching sessions. We offer a unique and convenient online scheduling tool for your convenience as well.
  • Business based on strong values –We were both brought up on values of family, health, integrity and build our work around those.

We can make your world look differently, whether we are working on content for academics, processes or Executive Functions (EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONS)

Check out our clients’ feedback!

  • She really “connects” with them at their level.  She is VERY friendly, has a great sense of humor and, most importantly, she really likes kids!
  • She is great at getting the kids to open up and provide her with the information she needs to identify the specific areas of need and to develop specific goals and strategies.
  • She is ALWAYS willing to answer questions, respond to concerns, etc.  She is very customer-focused and will always make sure that you are getting the service that you want and need.
  • She has been great at keeping me, as the parent, in the loop (informed.)  I always get a nice summary of what went on during the meetings with my daughter, what the new areas of focus are, etc.  I appreciate that a great deal.