ADHD Coach Connect


That “aha” Moment:  

You know, that moment when you finally were diagnosed or took one of those self-help tests and had ALL the characteristics?  It can be frightening not realizing for so many years, wanting those years back to do it all over again or the guilt raging through you because you know (or think you know) you passed this on to your children.


if i only knew:

Sadly, you may remember how hard it was to stay focused in school or now realize why so many papers didn’t get turned in.  Maybe college was a struggle or maybe, it didn’t happen at all.

Holding down a job with ADD/ADHD can prove devastating.  So many adults jump from job to job because:

  1. they are struggling in that position
  2. don’t know how to share with anyone
  3. don’t know why some things are so hard to accomplish
  4. never realized their brain wiring OR brain power and to develop strategies



No matter what your situation, if you are an adult who is struggling and fighting that ADHD wiring, ADHD CoachConnect is here to help!

We help YOU figure out who YOU are!  You are not defined by your ADHD but empowered with all the fabulous strengths and creativity that comes right along with it.  We will help you unleash those character strengths (yep, all #24 of them) and work with you until with as little or as much support as needed!

What you Get!
  • Discover what makes YOU with our strength-based coaching program
  • Unleash these strengths to overcome your challenges according to YOUR brain wiring
  • Learn HOW your learn best and how to be the BOSS OF YOUR BRAIN
  • RE-build that confidence and self-esteem you thought was gone.  
  • Discover the keys to building and strengthening your Executive Function core
  • Receive as much coaching support to keep you accountable as your empowerment grows!

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