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Each session Judy intensely listens to the issues I’m dealing with and asks deeply probing questions. Together we work on options and ways forward. I would have expected her to provide solutions “do this” or “try that”… I expected her to have a more “canned” approach. Instead, I can clearly see I’m getting a customized plan that we’re building together. Each time I leave her office I have multiple “experiments” to try. Judy thinks in a way that is absolutely unique and is able to drive to a question behind the question that I might never have seen without her help. At times, I feel like it’s almost cheating to have her help sort out the “story behind the story”. In addition to her deep intuitive skills, she zeros in on what’s working and helps develop creative means to optimize them… it’s refreshing. Having ADD can be a constant struggle… there’s so much daily frustration. With Judy, she sees the positive — yet realistic — side of things, and helps one focus on those. Finally, I cannot overstate the care and respect that practically oozes from her. I don’t feel talked down to, or patronized in any way. She treats me like an adult… something that other ADD coaches should learn. – Mick D. Small Business Owner

“My daughter’s level of motivation and organization have improved greatly while working with Judy. She has been much more successful in school and her confidence level has increased.”  BM