ADHD Coach Connect


How do we meet? You make that decision. We are currently meeting via ZOOM or phone due to COVID and to keep all of us safe and healthy.  Meetings can also be via the phone and recorded.  If we are meeting on the phone/ZOOM, please call 614-804-6706 at the appointment time or click into the link provided on the appointment confirmation and reminders.

How do the meetings work? This is often dictated through you, but “guided” through me. We may have a plan or strategy that we are specifically working on or you may have something you need help with right away. You can determine the direction in each meeting. I am here to support you through your journey! Accountability and support is as little or as much as you need.  A Coaching Check in Form may be provided to gather your celebrations and challenges.

What’s the investment for ADHD Coaching? Coaching is a very personal investment that involves life changing skills. It evolves around you so you make that determination. Coaching has been proven to be an effective catalyst in rebuilding self-esteem, developing self-awareness and finding YOUR road to success. The relationship between Coach and Client is built on trust and takes time. It is unique in that it is non-judgmental and becomes a very safe and positive place to begin to build consistent strategies to skills and to self-management.

  1. The initial CONSULT is our first step: this can be in office, phone or via SKYPE/ZOOM. It can be scheduled conveniently via my website @ SCHEDULE CONSULT HERE.
  2. The second step is the “Discovery/Intake” meeting and is a key piece to my process. This is a very in depth meeting where we take a deeper dive at your situation and discuss your goals and changes you wish to see. The meeting helps us both determine if coaching is a good fit and if we feel working together will be valuable and effective. We begin to develop a PLAN in order to begin coaching. It is approximately 60 minutes in length and the investment is $165 due upfront, respectively. There is an INTAKE form within your account that you set up that can be easily completed online.
  3. The Coaching Program: I currently offer several Signature Programs for your convenience. These are structured programs that continue to be more effective the longer you are committed.  Each program is then customized to your needs and to help you achieve the results you are seeking

How do I make payment? Payments are requested at the time of the initial CONSULT:  $15.00 (currently NO CHARGE FOR THE MONTH OF JANUARY 2021) and then for the Discovery meeting ($165.00) and can be paid with credit card/PayPal/bank transfer or check. If you enter into a Coaching Signature Program, payment is requested prior to scheduling any meetings. An invoice is sent out that can be paid online or in the office at time of the appointment.  Half month payments are accepted and programs are payable the first of the month and must be up to date to continue scheduling meetings throughout the month.   A 3% LATE FEE will be accessed for payment 60 days past due.

Do I need to prepare for the coaching meetings?  I work out of a FABULOUS  Online Accountable system. By signing up, you now have a confidential portal. You may then access Online Terms of Agreement, Intake forms, schedule conveniently from there and have accountability and follow up with worksheets, etc.

 What if I miss an appointment? Unfortunately, I am often on a strict time schedule and it is my commitment to be available at our scheduled time for you and all my clients. That time is very valuable to both of us. I ask that you be timely and that if something comes up to contact me 24 hours prior to our appointment.   You may log into your Portal and make scheduling changes as needed.  If you are running late, please text or call me and we will work within the remaining time. If you miss an appointment, there is a $25.00 fee. 

What if I am unable to make the payment? I certainly understand that situations change and I will have to hold off scheduling additional meetings until payment has been made or you are able to make partial payments.

What if I want or need to text/email you between meetings? Unlimited texting and email support is part of my coaching services and I encourage you to check in with me or if you need additional support to let me know. I do try to respond as quickly as possible and to try to limit the length. If it is something too lengthy, we can discuss it on our next meeting.

What if this is not for me? Coaching is individual and it’s important that you take the steps YOU need to take to be successful. If you don’t feel this is right for you, you can certainly take a different direction to find a “better fit” if needed.  There is a minimum of #4 meetings within our agreement that provide a refund, however following that initial time period, there is no refund as much work has been accomplished and invested in the coach/client relationship.

Can I obtain references? Yes! References are available upon request and you can also see many of the testimonials throughout my webpage @ You may also visit my business page on Google for more reviews.