ADHD Coach Connect

Coaching FAQ’s

irish me 01 croppedWhat does an Coach do?

As a trained professional as a LIFE Coach, with a specialization in  ADHD, I work with you to help discover and uncover life changing processes. It’s a partnership with you at the wheel determining the direction. Coaches help clients isolate obstacles, develop goals and strategies and work with clients in areas including, but not limited to:   Time management;  Organization;  Self-esteem; Self -Confidence.  Coaches provide support and encouragement throughout the process as the client learns more about their unique brain wiring and the positive attributes it brings. 

What does Coaching “look like?”

As a coach, it’s tailored to your needs.  It can be a weekly or bi-weekly meeting to discuss the obstacles and the areas of struggle.  We clarify the specific challenges and where you or your child is “stuck.” We can then begin to zero in on what you want it to look like and work on putting together a plan that makes sense.  We can integrate systems and goals and accountability through my Online System and truly gauge your progress!

What does a coaching meeting look like?

The meetings are directed by the client.  With this in mind, a meeting may be to work on a plan in development or perhaps something that happened that week that is important to bring to the forefront.  I will follow the direction the client wishes to take and guide and support with questions, texts, emails, etc. as needed.   A summary of each meeting is provided and emailed shortly thereafter.  In between sessions are provided as ACTION PLANS are put in to place.

How long does coaching take?

There is no set time on how long the coaching will take.  Each meeting is approximately 30-45 minutes in length but in order to really make progress and develop the bridges to success, I recommend at least a 3 month investment to achieve the goals established and to truly make life changing strategies.

What’ the first step?

By scheduling a 30 minute Phone or In Office Personal Consult, you are taking the FIRST step able to share the challenges you and your child are facing and how you would like it to look different.  At this point, it is discussed if an ADHD Discovery Planning meeting is recommended.