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BEFORE THE MEETING:   Prepare and Plan

  • Communication with teachers- build a relationship, obtain and keep documentation on work completed or conversation regarding your child’s struggles
  • Write down your thoughts on all you want to cover so you don’t miss anything
  • What goals/needs do you want to see your child accomplish? Here is a little IEP planner to help organize and provide some key information:  IEP Planner for Parents
  • Schedule the meeting where there is sufficient time to discuss everything and people are not running off to other commitments
  • Brush up on the jargon often thrown around the meeting by educators/administrators
  • Ask someone to join you for support! Friend, relative, coach, advocate
  • Bring some water, snacks, etc. to open up smiles and communication!


  • Remember, YOU are in integral part of this team!
  • Keep focused on the goals and the end, not so much the means
  • Ask for clarification if you are unsure of what is being discussed
  • Bring your child!
  • Most importantly, you do NOT have to sign if you are not satisfied


  • If you have not signed, review IEP; make changes or ask questions before you do sign
  • Review goals with your child and put it in “their language”
  • Keep a copy with all other IEP’s, testing documents
  • Expect Progress Reports periodically on the goals/objectives
  • Keep in communication with all the teachers
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