ADHD Coach Connect

“Look ahead?

I know and I can hear you saying this out loud to me right now and I totally get it!

So many, not only struggle with ADD or ADHD or Executive Functions on a day to day level but add to it 2020 with so many unknowns, sadness and losses.

So, how in the world can I ask you to look ahead?

As a LIFE/ADHD Coach, my job is not to “prescribe” strategies if you will, but to support you in your thinking and help you look at things with a different perspective and lens. Rumination is usually saved for those of us with ADHD yet I think most of the world right now is ruminating on all the misery that comes with this pandemic.

“So, we ask you again Judy, how do we look ahead?

Let me share some thoughts with you as we ALL look for change, for healing and for life to return to the normal we all once lived.

  • Give yourself only a small amount of time to look at the news. Turn it off for most of the day. Find more productive ways to spend your day.
  • Focus on either working at home or working with your children and finding the joy in their smiles and thoughts.
  • Turn your thoughts in making others feel good: Call/text/email someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile to just catch up!
  • STAY CLEAR OF SOCIAL MEDIA! Yes, all of it! I rarely touch Facebook or Twitter unless I am posting for my business.
  • Create something or clean something you have put off for a long, long, time.
  • Most importantly, YOU are the boss of your brain. Speak kindly to yourself with both your outer and inner voice.

the message above is simple, yet challenging:

Your brain listens to your thoughts and words: Let’s share with it the wonderful things we still DO have every day and ruminate on those!

Look ahead to what it CAN be and some of the good that may have come out of 2020. It IS out there but we have to direct our brain and yes, look ahead, to often find it.

Remember: “build it and they will come!”