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Seriously! More advice on reaching my goals?

It’s the beginning of a new year and doesn’t it seem, everywhere we turn, there are ads, articles, emails, videos, discounts and social media pounding the NEW ways to achieve our goals?

We may need something to help us be productive at work or at home or we may see that we want to make changes emotionally, physically or mentally in order to be a “better us!” But, if we have set goals each year (or in between) and continue to fail at reaching these goals, it becomes more difficult and the climb seems higher with less motivation and confidence.

There are reasons behind this happening, but I am not going to focus on HOW to set goals. I’m not even going to use that oversold word in this text again!

I try to veer away from using it in my coaching and in my day to day life. For my brain and the ADHD brain, (yes, could be one in the same!) I have found setting these are tough!  It’s hard to
a. be specific
b. figure out how to make them reachable but challenging and
c. find someone to support us along the way.

I would like to invite you to re frame your thinking into setting up A PROCESS! Many of my clients come to me asking for an efficient process, something that works for them and achieves the results to which they are striving. As I put more thought into this, it really makes sense to focus on exactly that and one that works for each individual brain.

Remember the huge media uprising over the little Hershey kisses packaged without a tip? Something went wrong in the process but that something can be changed for the better.

That #4 letter word (begins with a “g”) often stops people in their tracks if it isn’t accomplished within the time frame set and can be derailing and almost devastating. Yet, a process is ongoing and fluid with the ability to be tweaked, plugged, altered and totally changed, if needed with minimal pain and derailment.

So, as you venture into 2019 keep your sights on the prize but build a process that makes sense to you.
1. Ask yourself, what are my strengths and how can I put them to use?

2. How can I build a system that works for me? (Not someone else’s brain but mine!)

3. Who can help you look at the process with an objective lens to make changes, if needed?

4. Remember, this is fluid, with many options, alternatives, plugs and positives!

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Get 2019 off to a great beginning…a beginning that helps break old patterns and find new changes.

if you know someone to share or who is looking for support, I would love if you could pay it forward!

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must do things you’ve  never done” b.streisand

Warmly and always in support,

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