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What are SAILS of STRENGTH TM Signature Programs?

What are Signature Programs? Through personal feedback and years of experience, I have developed a series of structured framework known as my Signature Programs. These are packages to help determine what makes sense to you and the amount of support you need.   They are packaged for you to provide consistency, ease in scheduling, and bring value to your investment.  Programs can be customized and tailored to each individual as well.

An investment in coaching ranges depending on frequency, length of program and the life change you are looking for.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi

#12 WEEK TRANSITIONAL: #12 Week Program; 50-60 minutes sessions:This program probes deeper and provides more consistency.  The individual has more time to implement change with as much support as needed and becomes more aware of self-reflection and a foundation of change. We work towards the enlightenment of the brain wiring, increased accountability and begin the transition of change in “how” while strengthening executive functions.

#18WEEK TRANSITIONAL:    50-60′ meetings. Expand your consistencies and life changes.  Seek out more possibilities with positive outcomes.

6 Month PEAK Program: #24 weeks:   60’ meetings.

All programs are more effective with better results within limited time in between sessions.  The individual is supported throughout this 6 month/24 week period, strengthening Executive Functions and solidifying routines, habits and life changing strategies.


  • Personal account; you have your own confidential Portal providing you with the convenience of scheduling, paperless transparency, communication and more.
  • Online tools such as journaling, goal tracking, worksheets, actions sheets with accountability software
  • Text and/or email reminders for accountability on appointments and ACTION work
  • Customization to your needs and direction to reach the results YOU want
  • Outlined summary of each meeting recorded in your account so you have access whenever you wish
  • Scheduled one-on-one coaching sessions in person, SKYPE, phone
  • Email and text messaging support outside of your appointment
  • Between-session work easily accessed online
  • Real time accountability
  • Online invoicing
  • Assessments as needed

**Please note: Coaching is not covered through insurance plans but clients may utilize flexible plans, tax write offs and other options.

What Coaching Provides:

  • Results, with effort and engagement, solidify life changes and consistency!
  • Probe into challenges/obstacles and most importantly unleash your strengths
  • Explore deeply “who you are” and HOW you can reach your Brain potential
  • Apply strengths in changing the process thus changing the results and work towards consistent living of these
  • Knowledge of “who” you are becomes your passion and knowing HOW to make the changes and apply strategies towards Self-Regulation.





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