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Have Study Skills Become Your Child’s Holiday Tradition?

The holiday season is a time to share family traditions; those beliefs or customs passed down from generation to generation.  We see many shared on social media or talk about them with friends and you can probably reminisce about traditions you remember as a child.  Perhaps several have carried on to present day and are now celebrated with your own family.

One of my favorites was baking cookies with my grandmother and hanging the decorated ones on the tree.  Another not so favorite tradition, that comes to my mind on Christmas Day, was opening presents one by one so everyone could appreciate all the gifts given, no matter who the received the gift. No doubt, this was one of the hardest traditions to accept as a young and eager child wanting to open everything quickly.

Another tradition, not limited to holidays, which has been accepted and passed down from generation to generation, is the “art and skill of studying.”  Oh yes, I classify studying as both, an art and a skill.   also feels there is a connection.

“Artistic ability includes skills and talent to create fine works of art: painting, drawing, sculpting, musical composition, etc.

Creativity ability is the skill and talent to use our imagination to create and solve.”

But, within the process of studying, there is often limited creativity and thus the ability to artistically apply the skill(s).

The ADHD brain and the teenage brain of today have limited focus with multiple distractions along with technology of a phone or tablet attached to them like it’s their own heart and lungs.  Passing down the tradition of sitting at the kitchen/dining room table for hours, not only doesn’t include creativity and artistry but also is extremely difficult for the ADHD brain to do following a hard day of school.  Add to that the discipline of handling the “heart of lungs” of today and battles begin!

This holiday season, it may be time to break with old traditions and bring in the new!  Here are just a few study skills needed by most diverse brains!

  • Atypical brains (ADHD) need to utilize skills that match their learning styles: audio, visual, kinesthetic.  In other words, they may need to be moving while studying.
  • Atypical brains need to incorporate an environment that makes sense for that brain
  • Atypical brains need to incorporate learning strengths that help the brain reach its potential. That could include music, outdoors, and friends.
  • Parents of atypical brains need to know how to make homework and studying a creative place for their child and how to refill their child’s Executive Function tank after a full day of school

If you are the parent of an ADD/ADHD brain and are battling the homework zone with your child with traditional methods, it may be time to break tradition and look to what works in present day.  The ADD/ADHD brain is not traditional and may need to develop skills and then use artistry to find brain potential.

Judy MacNamee is a former Intervention Specialist and since 2013, a Certified ADHD Coach in the Columbus, OH area.  Judy works with teens, ages 12 on up nationwide.  Clients can utilize SKYPE technology or meet face to face to capitalize on her Signature Programs.