ADHD Coach Connect


Coaching, is different then teaching but its a process that is very effective especially during those adolescent years. Students from approximately 6th grade on up into college (or entering the work force) are in that formidable age when change and transition can be a challenge.

I work with teens struggling with both ADD/ADHD AND those who may be struggling with daily performance.  This can be identified as EFD; Executive Function Disorder or may show up in disorganization, time management struggles, poor grades, etc.

Did you know?

Executive functions:  (those mental processes we all use every day!) organization, time management, planning, and more do not mature until early 20’s to 30’s?  This can be a huge obstacle for teens and ADHD CoachConnect works with them and parents to strengthen them.  

Whether your teen is diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or EFD, four key components are needed to build and strengthen these needed Executive Functions:

  • modification of the environment (this can be physical, social  or others affecting your child)
  • motivation– chances are your teen struggles with activation or motivation of tasks or getting them completed
  • self-awareness– learning the skills to be self-directed and more aware of their brain, surroundings and achievements
  • skill set-  specific skills such as time management, prioritization must actually be taught!

These frustrations can result in low self confidence, and we apply a very positive approach to rebuild this for your child. I work with your child one on one (SKYPE included) nationally to help them find their success with life changing strategies. 

Bring HOPE into the life of your teen or someone who struggles with my book ADHD written by Teens WITH ADHD! My Little Book of HOPE: Stories and Inspirations by ADHD Teens FOR ADHD Teens

You see, coaching is a process; a process of uncovering obstacles and roadblocks and really finding out what’s getting in the way.  It’s inspiring, as a coach but MORE as a parent, to see your child figure this out and have that “aha!” moment come alive!  

But that is only the beginning!  ADD/ADHD expresses itself differently in every individual and of course, there are other factors like environment, school support, family support, etc. and most importantly, what level of energy the individual is willing to put into change.  

There is no magic pill and it doesn’t go away but I have experience working with some amazing individuals who have learned not to fight it or be defeated by their unique brain wiring but to embrace it and soar!  So, amazing, I published my first book about my teens and the hope they bring to others.  Oh, and the sailboat you see as my logo?  Sketched by one of my brilliant and creative teen clients.  Good stuff eh?

Here is just some of what happens:


  • Review of recent assessments, records and implementation of my own assessments
  • Overview of individual’s/family’s knowledge of ADD/ADHD
  • Education of your brain, how it works
  • Where are you now and if you could change ONE thing for tomorrow, what would it be?
  • Breakdown of executive functions;  what are they?  why DO or don’t they work?
  • Implementation of initial plan and Gamechanger Contract with coach/parents
  • Mountain miracles and development of the Rainbow list (in other words, remembering when the individual was awesome)
  • Corralling the family, as needed for support and discussion
  • Working with the parents on Plan, Practice and Protocol
  • Consistent development of changes and breakdown of obstacles that are in the way
  • Accountability
  • Relief of that nagging;  yep, nagging from the parent side
  • Begin ownership of skills of independence (also reduces that nagging!)
  • Communication with teachers and/or outside support personnel
  • 24 hour email/text support for the length of the program.  (ok..maybe not at 2:00 a.m.)
  • and more….

judyFor more information, please contact me at, 614-804-6706.  Or CLICK HERE for your “PATHWAY TO HOPE CONSULT.”