ADHD Coach Connect

What Our Clients Have to Say

** Judy has made a huge difference in our family’s life.  Our child had seen therapists, psychologist and psychiatrist for many years.  Judy connected with our child like no other by truly getting to know her and understanding how her brain works.  She motivated her and provided step by step instructions for our child to improve.  We believe if it weren’t for Judy our child would not have graduated from high school.  Judy taught our child to be an advocate for herself.  We are glad we found Judy and would highly recommend her to others who might have a child with ADHD and are at their wit’s end. Parent T and D
**  I can not say enough great things about Judy. We went to her to help my son with Executive Functioning concerns-staying focused and organized. My son (11 yo) was hesitant to say the least at the start of our journey in finding someone. He did not want to see a “therapist.” Judy stopped him right there and said “I am not a therapist, I am a coach.” Judy worked with the school counselor and provided suggestions to teachers. We just finished our 12 sessions-the difference in his outlook has been incredible, he is more focused in and outside of the classroom. Perfect, no, he is almost 12. Better, heck yeah. EVERY TIME we left Judy’s office he was in a better mood, even when he went in happy (which was most times). My son’s quote-“I like talking to Judy, she doesn’t judge me.” We hope to continue in some format.
**Judy intensely listens to the issues I’m dealing with and asks deeply probing questions.  Together we work on options and ways forward.  I would have expected her to provide solutions “do this” or “try that”… I expected her to have a more “canned” approach.  Instead, I can clearly see I’m getting a customized plan that we’re building together. Judy thinks in a way that is absolutely unique and is able to drive to a question behind the question that I might never have seen without her help.  MD
**Just wanted to let you know that my daughter’s grades are the best now that they have ever been.  I think what you have done for her has been amazing. She is working harder than she ever has at improving her grades.  J.E.  2017 parent

**Judy MacNamee was a phenomenal intervention specialist for students with special needs in the classroom. She was able to do her job so well because she took the time to uncover the students unique strengths and weaknesses to create a plan for success!T.H; School Psychologist


**The things that I love about how Judy works with the kids include:

  • She really “connects” with them at their level.  She is VERY friendly, has a great sense of humor and, most importantly, she really likes kids!
  • She is great at getting the kids to open up and provide her with the information she needs to identify the specific areas of need and to develop specific goals and strategies.
  • She is ALWAYS willing to answer questions, respond to concerns, etc.  She is very customer-focused and will always make sure that you are getting the service that you want and need.
  • She has been great at keeping me, as the parent, in the loop (informed.)  I always get a nice summary of what went on during the meetings with my daughter, what the new areas of focus are, etc.  I appreciate that a great deal.
  • She is a WEALTH of information…not only through direct communication, but she has lots of good information on her web site.  She also has many professional connections that she networks with, so if she doesn’t have the answer, she knows someone who does.
  • Her fee is VERY reasonable given the personalized service that you receive and her credentials.  I know…I shopped around before I found her! 🙂 Parent DS

** In my position as Special Education Staff Development Teacher, I provide training teachers who work with special education students. It is not uncommon, however, for parents to look to me as a resource as well. I have referred many parents and teachers to Judy’s website and Facebook page. Judy is passionate about helping not only students with ADHD, but their parents and teachers as well. I have heard only positive comments from parents, teachers, and other child advocates who have collaborated with her. KL

**ADHD Coach Connect was what I needed for my college bound son. He attended his first year of college with great struggles. Struggles to the point of deciding whether to go back again. After deciding on his own that he wanted to give it another try we got hooked up with Judy at ADHD coach Connect. She worked with my son. She gave him things to think about and things to work on. I feel he went back to college in the fall with a little more confidence and more tools to help him be successful. Judy continues to text him once in a while to keep in contact. This is what he needed at this time as he makes career decisions.         M.A.C. school guidance counselor

**As a mom of a high school senior who just recently realized that my son was dealing with attention challenges, I found Judy while researching options in our area.  I’m so glad I did!  From the first phone conversation, Judy was deeply interested in my son…what makes him tick, what difficulties he has experienced, what interests him, etc. It was encouraging to hear that my son was not alone!  And Judy really won me over when she validated me as a mom. You always question if you’ve done enough or done the right things.

Judy knew just what to say while offering the opportunity to plot a new course.  He has been meeting regularly with Judy this school year and I can see the positive changes.  He seems much less stressed at home.  He has maintained his grades and has only been late on one homework assignment.  He really enjoys his meeting times with Judy and he has learned skills that enable him to identify when his mind is getting off track as well as strategies for staying “on track.”  He has told me that he is grateful that we connected with Judy.  So am I!  Judy is a high-energy positive force that knows how to connect with kids this age and give them skills that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.  Denise

**Working with Judy for the past 8 years and our students who have ADHD has changed the way I teach in my own classroom. Judy makes sure that each student succeeds while creating different learning strategies that are tailored to that child. She has also provided intervention strategies for our entire building for teachers to use within their classroom for any student that is struggling (academic or behavior), and has proven to be a tremendous success.   J. Willis; Intervention Specialist